About Voice of Purpose

Voice of Purpose delivers Purpose Driven Education through the Arts. Voice of Purpose utilizes arts-based education to  design and deliver innovative and engaging workshops and keynote presentations to middle schools and high schools, as well as providing educational digital content on platforms online.

Our mission is to inspire and engage students in artistic and self-reflective processes to help guide them to find and honour their True Inner Purpose.

The heart and soul of Voice of Purpose’s innovations in education are rooted in the Purpose Driven Education paradigm.

Purpose Driven Education in a Nutshell

Purpose Driven Education is a pedagogy and practice, rooted in the idea that the purpose of the education system should be to help students find and pursue their true purpose in life.

There are 4 core elements to Purpose Driven Education

  1. Identity & Purpose
  2. Creativity & the Arts
  3. Equity & Inclusion
  4. Well-Being

The Purpose Driven Education (PDE) paradigm places honouring  students Identities, and their Purpose at the epicentre of its approach.  Our approach integrates Creativity & the Arts as foundational and powerful tools to support students’ expressions and explorations of who they are and why they came to be. We look through a lens of Equity & Inclusion to honour students’ histories, legacies, and provide context for honest growth and creating meaningful impact. We believe that holistic approaches to Well-Being is critical to supporting the learning process and the healthy evolution of our education systems, our students, and the world at large.

Through the lens of PDE, the underlying goal and objective to creating and delivering educational curricula, its contents and structures, systems of evaluation and markers of success – is to help students identify, align with, and develop skills to pursue their True Inner Purpose.


About the Creator of Voice of Purpose

The Real Sun

The Real Sun is an Artist and Artist Educator with 12 years of experience as a professional artist creating innovations in the field of education.  Rooted in a background of social justice, community organizing, and holistic healing, The Real Sun has found her True Inner Purpose through the creation of Voice of Purpose, Purpose Driven Education, and The Arts. To find out more about The Real Sun visit her website www.TheRealSun.com