Job Opportunity: Project Manager and Executive Assistant

Voice of Purpose is entering 2024 with exciting new projects in the community arts space spanning Canada and the US. We are seeking team members to contribute to the development and delivery of these projects that will provide professional development training for community-engaged artists and strategic change management support for arts leaders of colour.  We […]

Wed Jan 31, 2024

The Creative Lab

The Creative Lab was a 3-day Arts Enrichment and Personal Development program created and delivered for high school students. Everyone who participated identified as artists in the mediums of poetry, visual art, or dance, and wished to make meaningful contributions within and outside of the program. The Creative Lab took place at York University, in […]

Tue Mar 28, 2023

Rebirth Professional Development Program

  Rebirth is a professional development training program for artist-educators and arts administrators. It was geared towards those working in the community arts sector, and going through a period of transition and transformation in their lives and/or work.  We supported our participants to ground in their sense of purpose and explore ways that this can […]

Tue Mar 28, 2023

Digital Is a Double-Edged Sword

Within the context of learning, navigating the digital world is a duo-level challenge. It represents the nuance of being both vitally and transcendently important, while also being an inaccessible barrier to some. Accessibility, and the re-definition of such, became a key topic when discussing the characteristics of a digital learning environment. For example, there are […]

Wed Feb 8, 2023

Catalyst Spotlight: Drag me to Life – with Cindy Nero

Also known as the enchanting Cindy Nero, Xitlali Celesté (formerly known as Sebastian Olayo) is a nonbinary queer Mexican-American drag performer, writer and teaching artist, living and loving in Chicago, Illinois. Xitlali is impassioned and empowered by exploring themes of politics, gender fluidity and accessibility through her  art.  Xitlali gets right to the root: “The […]

Wed Feb 8, 2023