Grounding Space



Grounding Space

The Path to True Inner Purpose requires us to be Grounded in who we are. 

This Monthly workshop series for adults is being offered in Toronto, Canada. On the 3rd Saturday of Each Month Jan-Mar 2017

 It is geared towards supporting Educators, Artists and Community Builders who are on the Path to their True Inner Purpose.

Self-Care and Self-Love are foundational to living in alignment with your Purpose.

Ideal for people who want to contribute to making a better world, who find themselves in the service of others – sometimes to the point of depletion – in their professional or personal lives.  If you are looking for support around creating restorative space and time for yourself, and dedicating yourself to developing or maintaining a practice of self-care to help you progress on the path of your purpose, these workshops were created for you.

JANUARY 21st WORKSHOP – Grounding Healthy Boundaries

FEBRUARY 18th WORKSHOP – Taking Care of your Heart

MARCH 18th WORKSHOP – Finding Balance

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