Introducing our Catalyst Spotlights

Sun Park Phoenix

This year, Voice of Purpose launched the Catalyst Incubator, a 6 month container that provided mentorship and support to 4 artist-educators from across Canada and the US (including Toronto, Atlanta, Chicago and BC) in the creation and development of unique 8 week programs for participants across different age groups and artistic mediums.

It’s 2023, and we’ve been thinking more than ever about what it truly means to ground in our purpose to deepen our impact. As we continue our community research, we’re so excited to share updates of some of the beautiful offerings and people that we’ve been spending time with. 

The Catalyst Incubator is connected to our Engaging Artists in Digital Learning Environments (EADLE) research initiative that strives to support artist educators in recognizing and deepening their passion and impact, while also navigating the complexities of the online world. Grounded in our PRAE (Purpose Rooted Arts Education) framework, we called in the community to help connect us to the needs of the sector.

To celebrate these upcoming case studies, we’ve created Catalyst Spotlights to share their story and uplift their artistry, while also encouraging folks in our network to share and sign up for these 8-week programs. 

Keep an eye out for their spotlight posts up on our blog!