Artist Educator Professional Development Training


REBIRTH: Arts Ed Training Series


Professional Development Training for Artist Educators & Community Facilitators. 

The REBIRTH Arts Ed training series is for emerging and established Artist Educators and Community Facilitators who are in a time of transition or re-birth in their lives and/or work. If you are seeking a revived sense of direction and purpose in your work in the Community Arts sector, this training series is for you. Ideal for artists and educators who believe in the power of personal and collective transformation by engaging with social justice, healing, and education through the arts. Created for those seeking deeper meaning and purpose in their work, and feel called to work with marginalized sections of society.

REBIRTH: Arts Ed Trainings

Evolve Evening Classes

Purpose: To provide direction and guidance in developing professional skills for creating and maintaining a successful practice as an Artist Educator and Community Arts Organizer. Each class will be dedicated to a different topic that is critical to creating and maintaining success in the sector.

  • Mastering Your Mission: May 15
  • Self-Care & Well-Being: May 22
  • Equity & Inclusion: July 17
  • Building for Impact: July 24

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REBIRTH: 50-Hour Certificate Program


There are 4 components to this training:
  • Awaken: Weekend Intensive (16 hours)
  • Evolve: Seminars (16 hours)
  • Emerge: Masterminds (16 hours)
  • Expand: 1-on-1 Private Coaching (2 hours)

1) Awaken Weekend Intensive

During the Awaken Weekend Intensive we will take an embodied approach to creating safe space for deep inner work. This intensive will be centered around participants’ personal journeys as artists, educators, community organizers, and human beings. We will take a holistic approach to help you ground, unpack, and dig deep into questions such as: What is your true gift and calling? Who are you here to serve? What is your purpose, your why? What has brought you to this journey? What is your path forward? The purpose of this weekend intensive is to awaken into greater clarity and focus about who we are, the meaning behind the work we do, and the direction of our purpose moving forward.

2) Evolve Seminars

The Evolve Seminars will be focused on developing practical skills that are integral to maintaining a professional practice as an Artist Educator and Community Arts Organizer. Each class will be dedicated to a topic that is critical to creating quality work and professional success in the Community Arts sector.

Seminar 1: Community Arts Program Design & Curriculum Development

  • Developing engaging and impactful programming
  • Lesson planning and classroom management
  • Design an outline of your own program

Seminar 2: Branding & Marketing, Strategies for Outreach

  • Connecting with your community
  • Communicating your message
  • Developing your Brand and identifying your Market

Seminar 3: Grants & Revenues

  • Successful strategies for Arts Education/Community Arts grants
  • Exploring options for alternative revenue generation
  • Mock grant/proposal writing session

Seminar 4: Partnerships & Strategic Planning

  • Strategies for building successful short-term and long-term partnerships with organizations & institutions
  • Overview of different types of partnerships
  • Long-term strategic planning session

3) Emerge Mastermind

During the Emerge Masterminds, we will engage in focused and collaborative brainstorming and problem-solving for your real-life projects. We will take the ideas you started to develop during the Evolve Seminars and/or Awaken Weekend Intensive, and provide you with an opportunity to get hands-on support of the collective to further flesh out your ideas. These sessions are about getting practical, specific, and helping you develop tangible things on the ground. You will receive focused personalized support time during each and every mastermind session.

4) Expand 1-on-1 Private Coaching

You will receive personal 1-on-1 private coaching sessions with Sun, our lead instructor. Sun will help you focus and set your goals, review your progress, and help you to gain greater insight and clarity on any questions you have about work in this sector. From personal healing support to professional industry questions, nothing is off limits. These sessions are here to support you in whatever area will benefit you most, and address specific needs you may have with access to professional 1-on-1 support.

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