Voice of Purpose Talk Show

Evolving Generations in Conversation – On the Path to True Inner Purpose

A talk show by Voice of Purpose featuring interviews and live performances from artists and professionals who have found their true purpose in life. Centred around the questions of "What is purpose? How did you discover what your purpose is? What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them if you have? What advice do you have for people who are still on the search for their purpose or on the cusp of taking the leap to embracing it into their lives?
Host & Executive Producer: The Real Sun
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List of Featured Guests by Episode

EPISODE 1 - Special Guest: Raja Mishal PhD | Feature Artist: LAL
EPISODE 2 - Special Guest: Esther Lam | Youth Feature Artist: Michael Q Morales
EPISODE 3 - Special Guests: T’ameaux Brown & Brittany Krystantos | Feature Artist: Nerissa Bradley
EPISODE 4 - Special Guest: Juliana Arango | Youth Feature Artist: Nathan Baya
EPISODE 5 - Special Guest: Sheldon Shaw | Special Guest: Omar Morrison
EPISODE 6 - Feature Artist: Kobèna Aquaa-Harrison
EPISODE 7 - Feature Artist: d'bi young anitafrika | Feature Artist: Heavy Steve