Chloe Kirlew-Geddes

Sun Park Phoenix
Chloe is a Black and queer community educator, Reiki practitioner, and embodied poet who has spent many years at the intersection of literature and passion. She does her work as “The ReiQueer” and her specialty is radical kindness and the intensity of the human experience.
As an educator, her specialty is holistic health, multi-layered consent, embodied equity, creative writing reimagined, and more.
Chloe has been published in print, online and in textbook and equity training materials. She has presented workshops and discussions for student groups and staff at: Metropolitan Toronto University, U of T Scarborough, U Ottawa, The Nia Centre, Canadian Roots Exchange, Friends of Ruby, Durham College and more. She has also sat as part of grant review committees for CUE arts and the Toronto Arts Council.
Within the Voice of Purpose team, she is the Community Engagement & Content Leader; co-creating mindful and nourishing content and opportunities to connect with those in our ecosystems.
Her focus is on the intensity of the human experience and the ways in which we can integrate empathy and radical honesty with the challenging parts of our lives while we learn and unlearn together. Chloe serves as a conduit to hold space for and witness the magic that exists within our many communities.