Nate Gerber

Sun Park Phoenix

Nate is a strategic design leader and facilitator working at the intersection of culture, technology, and business. With a unique background as an arts educator and community organizer turned digital service and enterprise design consultant, Nate has helped social ventures, mid-market technology firms and government agencies leverage experience design for innovation. Currently Nate provides advisory services for and through ThinkFresh Group.

Past clients and employers include the City of Toronto, the Ontario Public Service, Taboo Health, Baycrest Hospital, the Canadian Centre for Brain Health Innovation, GSI Solutions Inc., QoC Health Inc., Normative Inc., LawLignment Professional Corporation, the Tetradian Futures Institute, The Lausanne Congress, Partners International Inc., On The Spot Language School, and Parissis Partners Inc. In addition to equitable systems design, Nate is passionate about developing interactive installations and movement art.