Sha Agbayani

Sun Park Phoenix

Sha is a queer tagalog transdisciplinary creator, curator and cross-pollinator whose work/play is devoted to unraveling borders between art, life, ritual, and magic. She is the visionary and steward of Greenhouse Theatre, a Scarborough-based and trans local ecosystem of artists across disciplines and borders crafting multidisciplinary rituals of community healing.


Within this work, Sha has choreographed community-based ecologies merging interdisciplinary creative practice across Turtle Island and in the archipelago known as the Philippines. Her transdisciplinary work has been supported by organizations such as the Laidlaw Foundation, the Tides Foundation, the School for Social Entrepreneurs, the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts. Within the Voice of Purpose team, she is currently working on designing a digital community platform to connect and support the growth of leaders in the transformative arts industry.