The Creative Lab

“finding your path of purpose through the arts” 

The Creative Lab is a multi-day arts enrichment and personal development program for grade 12 students

in their final year of study transitioning into young adulthood.

The Creative Lab will provide students who have a great passion or interest in the arts with an opportunity to develop their artistic skills, delve into deep conversations about their true purpose in life through arts-engaged activities. Students will also have the opportunity to gain mentorship from professional artists and senior-level university students, while exploring ideas around potential career paths in the arts.

This program is for grade 12 students who are artists, poets, or dancers, who wish to make meaningful contributions to society, but may struggle at times with fitting in with their peers.

Presented by Voice of Purpose and in partnership with York University Community Engagement Centre, North York Arts, and Nia Centre for the Arts.


Dates: October 12-14, 2018

Times: full-day immersive

Cost: free

Location: York University

Meals will be provided (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). 

TTC Tokens are available.

Spaces are limited.

More details will become available early September, but for now we would like for you to save the date!

If you are interested in reserving spots for your school or if you would like to nominate a student that could benefit from this type of opportunity, please email us at: