Unpacking Catalyst Voices April 2022: Process of Catalyst Integration & Embodiment

Sun Park Phoenix



Our 3rd Catalyst Voices gathering, held April 2022, allowed us the opportunity and invitation to peer inwards, and consider the concept of defining, integrating and embodying the transformative energy of being a catalyst

At Voice of Purpose, we encourage our many communities to be ignitors of transformation – Able to recognize the sparks of change, and blaze along our own paths. However, in this process it’s important to stay grounded, and not get “consumed in the fire”. As catalysts, the balancing act is allowing ourselves to be ignited, while also staying true to our core form and values. 

Here are some of our key takeaways from the session: 

  1. Naming the Archetype of a Catalyst
    • Authentic and Rooted in Purpose
    • Systems Thinker
    • Healer & Feeler
    • Creator

      2. Integration 

  • Blending together the system, the sacred, the community and the self
  • Goal is to engage in a process of embodiment within transformative arts engagement
  • Comprised of intersected components; at a personal level, but also necessary to create grander change

       3. Process of Embodiment: 

Grounded and empowered leadership

  • Systems alignment, innovation and iteration
  • Authentic connection & healing (to/of the self, other + sacred)
  • Art/Creation as medicine, teacher, unifier

Acknowledging that we are all on a journey of transformation, and embracing the process of engagement, embodiment, activation and exploration allowed us to create a space where we were able to reflect on the catalysts we have already met in life, as well as dream about the type of catalysts we want to be, and the types of healing the want to help ignite. 

These were the questions used to spark insight and reflection:

  1. Who has been a catalyst in your life?
  2. What kind of catalyst do you want to be?
  3. What transformation and healing do you want to ignite?

Our collective and individual contributions to this dreamscape, allowed human and equity-focused desires to be present: the desire to help change people’s lives, the desire to help eradicate preconceived notions about Indigeneity, the desire to be passionate enough to still believe that change is possible, and much more. 

In line with our intentions of holisticness and the full picture, we also opened up in vulnerability about the challenges, such as the resistance from dominating cultures, the pressure that comes with leadership, and the commitment to following our own paths, rather than one that was chosen for us. 

What are some key values that you keep in mind/ hope to embody as a catalyst of your own?