Winter Creative Lab



Expansive weekend immersion – Experience evolutionary creativity

During this weekend course, students will be immersed for 3 days, from 11am-6pm each day, in expansive creative processes and activities to help them to connect with their true selves. We will pose the question, what is the deeper calling on your life? Explore, what it means to live in harmony and balance with what makes you happy & fulfilled, your True Inner Purpose, and at the same time strategizing for a successful future. Students will gain real-life skills in building healthy relationships, with others and with self. As a partnership program with York University, our aim is to also better prepare students for Post-Secondary Studies.

Students will receive a certificate upon completion. 

Examples of Topics to be Explored: Themes students will focus on include True Inner Purpose, Identity, Social Justice,Authenticity removing stress & anxiety growing inner peace grounding, self-reflection self-love, true happiness building authentic confidence releasing self-doubt and fear

3 Creative Streams: Students will have a choice between 3 creative streams to explore their self-expression

  1. Eyes & Hands (Visual Arts)
  2. Body & Movement (Movement / Dance / Theatre)
  3. Voice & Word (Poetry / Creative Writing)


The Winter Creative Lab is a partnership project between the York University TD Community Engagement Centre, Art Gallery ofYork University, The NOISE Project, and Voice of Purpose.

York University TD Community Engagement Centre (CEC): The CEC strives for academic innovation through community building and experiential learning, post-Secondary Attainment for Black Creek Community, and fosters collaborative research and partnerships.

Art Gallery of York University: The Art Gallery of York University (AGYU) is an artistically and intellectually driven public art gallery dedicated to manifesting contemporary art through diverse cultural circuits by continuously, and simultaneously, creating and transcending contexts.

New Opportunities for Innovative Student Engagement (NOISE): a research-informed model for enhancing the academic success of youth and York University Social Work students through engaged learning opportunities that energize and support their civic engagement and psycho-social well-being

Voice of Purpose: Voice of Purpose is a creative educational enterprise that delivers Purpose Driven Education through the Arts. We utilize arts-based techniques to deliver innovative workshops and keynote presentations, to inspire and engage students in artistic and self-reflective processes to help guide them find their true inner purpose.