Healing & Well-Being

Catalyst Spotlight: Drag me to Life – with Cindy Nero

Also known as the enchanting Cindy Nero, Xitlali Celesté (formerly known as Sebastian Olayo) is a nonbinary queer Mexican-American drag performer, writer and teaching artist, living and loving in Chicago, Illinois. Xitlali is impassioned and empowered by exploring themes of politics, gender fluidity and accessibility through her  art.  Xitlali gets right to the root: “The […]

Wed Feb 8, 2023

Catalyst Spotlight: HEARt* Radio Mixtape Project – with AaleemRM

    Impassioned through conscious storytelling and his love for music, Aaleem’s purpose is deeply rooted in his commitment to the youth within his communities, as well as honoring the oral traditions of music making to encourage and affirm the spirit and collective energy of those who are finding their voice.  When asked to consider […]

Wed Feb 8, 2023

Introducing our Catalyst Spotlights

This year, Voice of Purpose launched the Catalyst Incubator, a 6 month container that provided mentorship and support to 4 artist-educators from across Canada and the US (including Toronto, Atlanta, Chicago and BC) in the creation and development of unique 8 week programs for participants across different age groups and artistic mediums. It’s 2023, and […]

Fri Jan 27, 2023

Unpacking Catalyst Voices March 2022: A Communal Dive into Key Findings of Phase 1 of EADLE Research Initiative

During our March 2022 Catalyst Voices gathering, we took a co-dive into our Engaging Artists in Digital Learning Environments (EADLE) Research. During this session we presented our Key Findings of Phase 1 of our research initiative. Let’s re-enter that container now, as we reflect together on our key findings and take-aways from our time together. […]

Wed Oct 19, 2022