EADLE Project

Unpacking Catalyst Voices March 2022: A Communal Dive into Key Findings of Phase 1 of EADLE Research Initiative

During our March 2022 Catalyst Voices gathering, we took a co-dive into our Engaging Artists in Digital Learning Environments (EADLE) Research. During this session we presented our Key Findings of Phase 1 of our research initiative. Let’s re-enter that container now, as we reflect together on our key findings and take-aways from our time together. […]

Wed Oct 19, 2022

Dismantle the Silos

One of the hardest side-effects of the pandemic was the isolation that many experienced while primarily working and engaging remotely. For those that thrived by sharing space and ideas with their community, being ushered into isolation was a challenging segue.  Across the community arts sector, stakeholders within the ecosystem were being siloed – self-contained in […]

Tue Oct 11, 2022

We ALL Need Healthy Support Systems

Community-engaged art does more than inspire folks, it also provides opportunities to expand relationships, build connections and address the need for multi-layered change. In this way, Voice of Purpose understands that the community arts sector plays a significant role in community healing, through these authentic experiences from both participants and community members.    One central […]

Tue Oct 11, 2022

Too Much Talk, Not Enough Walk

In one of our gatherings, an arts administrator pointed out that “All talk no action makes sense in a noun-based culture… English and white supremacy love each other”. Highlighted here, is the link between a chronic lack of “doing” and the larger culture of oppression that makes this all possible.  Our research findings revealed a […]

Tue Oct 11, 2022

True Decolonization is Holistic & Costly

The term “decolonization” within the landscape of arts education, has been used to refer to and usher ourselves towards the undoing of colonialism, and its many trickle-down effects. It involves a personal and communal interrogation of the ways in which we have internalized and perpetuated colonial attitudes, behaviors, values, and expectations. If we’re being honest, […]

Tue Oct 11, 2022

Context is Everything

  “Learning virtually, the morale went down, the mental went down, and that was across the board, students teachers, parents. So it was my goal as an arts educator to make it fun exciting and engaging, so I had to be creative. You have to meet the needs of the community.” – Artist Educator  Although […]

Tue Oct 11, 2022